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I’ve saved the url mabastian since forever and i’m pretty sure i’m never going to use it so I decided to give it away. If you’re interested please like/reblog this post :)

"After, lay absolutely still for an hour.”


And a beautiful young queen,
men are gonna throw themselves into the fire for you

i. gods & monsters - lana del rey | ii. i could be- kyla la grange | iii. running up that hill- chromatics | iv. youth- daughter | v. muscle, bone & blood- mia doi todd | vi. a hair on the head of john the baptist - salitto | vii. poison- cocorosie | viii. she’s a river - firehorse | ix. love me like i’m not made of stone- lyyki li | x. everybody wants to rule the world- lorde 


make me choose: aaronswarner asked me mabastian or kennash?

"We’re married, we can’t be unmarried. I thought we’d agreed to at least try."

The wedding of Lady Lola and Lord Julien

Greer being concerned for Kenna